This is a 16-port voice processing and analog interface board offering the enhanced capabilities a competitive communications market segment demands. It is ideal for developing multimedia communications applications including Web-enabled contact centers, unified messaging, and speech-enabled interactive media response (IMR) systems. The DMV160LP offers a rich set of advanced features and support for DSP technology and signal processing algorithms.
ΆΒ System size : Medium-to-Large Enterprise  
ΆΒ Form factor : Universal PCI  
ΆΒ Resource bus: H.100 CT Bus  
ΆΒ Ports : 16 voice &  4 fax  
ΆΒ Operating system support : Windows* 2003/ Windows XP* / Windows* 2000  
ΆΒ Network interface : 16 analog network interfaces  
ΆΒ Signaling : Analog loop start  
ΆΒ Key features
 - International approvals  
 - Simultaneous voice with CSP and fax capability  
 - H.100 media-sharing support  
 - Programmable AGC  
 - Voice compression: low-bit-rate coders including TrueSpeech*  
 - Four ports of onboard fax  
 - Universal 32-bit PCI edge connector  
ΆΒ Applications  Voice mail/voice messaging  
 - Interactive voice response (IVR)  
 - Contact center  
 - Unified messaging  
 - Dictation  
ΆΒ Order by Item Market Name : DMV160LP